BeyondCP is an upcoming CPPS (Club Penguin Private Server) featuring custom rooms, items, and even Mascots and Parties. It is destined to be the greatest CPPS ever released. The CPPS is to go live on either March or April 2013. It takes place on the BeyondCP Island, an almost exact replica of the real Club Penguin Island, but with brand new rooms and locations.

BeyondCP's logo.


Gameplay remains the exact same as the CPPS' inspiration, Club Penguin. Users must click on a place in a room to waddle to it. Players can also use the map or spy phone to get from room to room. Users can click on their player card to customize their penguin. They can also add other penguins as friends. They can even decorate their igloos. Penguins can also read the BeyondCP Times, the island's newspaper.

Almost all rooms are exact replicas of their Club Penguin counterparts, but rooms that are not renovated in the real Club Penguin have been renovated on BeyondCP. There are also minor changes to existing rooms, such as the replacement of the Everyday Phoning Facility with a new Sports Shop, and a Music Center in the Ski Village. Custom rooms include the Swim Shop, Swimming Pool, Music Center, Sports Shop, Gary's Lab, Security Room, Dojo Path, Elemental Rooms, and EPF Recon HQ.



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Parties are monthly events that happen on BeyondCP, usually in celebration of something. Exteriors and interiors of buildings are decorated. A free item is usually given out to penguins. All parties are custom, and do not occur in the real Club Penguin game. They are exclusive to the CPPS.


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Mascots are special penguins or creatures that move around BeyondCP Island, handing out an exclusive background. You can get a stamp for meeting them. They appear at certain parties and events, and even randomly around the island. They can even communicate with other players. Mascots are controlled by BeyondCP staff members. While some mascots are directly from Club Penguin, others are custom. Some existing mascots from Club Penguin sometimes have different clothing for certain parties. For example, Cadence, Puffle Handler, and Dot wear bikinis at the Water Party.


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Rooms are one of the main features in BeyondCP. You can waddle around in them, and play games.

The BeyondCP Times

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The BeyondCP Times is BeyondCP's weekly newspaper. It can be read by clicking the top corner of the screen. It highlights custom parties and events, and has Secrets, Jokes, and Ask Aunt Arctic. Aunt Arctic is the main editor-in-chief.




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