16px Information
Full Name DJ Cadence
Species Penguin
Meetable? Yes
Appearances Opening, Puffle Party
Items Worn Cadence's Hair, Cadence's Scarf, Cadence's Wristbands, Cadence's Shirt, Cadence's Bikini
Friends Aunt Arctic, Flyer, Dubstep, Puffle Handler, Dot
Most Recent Giveaway Cadence's Opening Giveaway

Cadence is a DJ, dancer, and clothing/swimwear designer and model in BeyondCP. She first appeared as a mascot at the Puffle Party, and a second time wearing the Pink Stripe Bikini she designed at the Water Party. Her third appearance was organizing and being a mascot at the Dance-a-thon. Her favorite phrase is, "It's time to dance!". She likes to call herself the "Dance Machine". She also owns a Purple Puffle named Lolz.

Cadence In-Game

Cadence's in-game sprite.

Like other mascots, she waddles around BeyondCP giving out a free background. She shows up in Dance Contest. When she asks what difficulty you want, you can click on her to get to expert mode.


  • Cadence usually writes or talks in slang, due to her "modern influence".
  • Franky is her inspiration.
  • She has many different types of music she likes, that she can't choose a favorite. Her known interests are Rock, Indie, Hip Hop, Country, Dance, Dubstep, and JPop, so these all appeared at the Dance-a-thon.
  • She writes songs when she gets brain freezes.
  • Her only appearance in a bikini was at the Water Party. The bikini she wore was the Pink Stripe Bikini, her favorite. She had designed many other bikinis before, in her private fashion studio in the Clothes Shop. They are the Lemon Lime Stripe Bikini, Aqua Bikini, Purple Bikini, Tye-Dye Bikini, and Rainbow Polka Dot Bikini. She thinks that bikinis are the type of swimsuit that matches her style.
  • Her favorite things to do are dancing, singing, swimming, and designing clothes.



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