City Party
City Party Logo
Where BeyondCP Island
Free Items Gary's City Giveaway, Aunt Arctic's City Giveaway, Rookie's City Giveaway
Dates April 7, 2013 - April 14, 2013
Party Rooms Unknown
Mascots Gary, Aunt Arctic, Rookie
Police Vs. Robbers

City Party is an upcoming party on BeyondCP, originally scheduled to take place in March 2013, but was later pushed back to April 14th, 2013. The island is decorated like a city. The west half of the island is the safe, upper-class part of the city. The east half of the city is the base of crime, though only a few rooms appear thiss way. The subtitle for the party is Police vs. Robbers. It replaces the DC Super Hero Takeover


  • The west half of the island is the upperclass area of the city, while the eastern half is the place where the criminals live and meet.
  • The Lighthouse Building will function as the Bank.
  • The Mountain will be replaced by City Hall.
  • The Dojo will be upper levels of the mall, and the elemental dojos will only be accessible by the map.
  • The Community Center will be the lower levels of the mall.
  • The Plaza featured a gaping hole in the ground, leading to the underground. The exterior of the Pizza Parlor and Pet Shop both were badly damaged. The Stage's exterior was replaced with a giant super villain lair.



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