Community Center
No Community
Where North of the Mine Shack, Base of Mystery Mountain
Opened March 1st, 2013
Closed Still open
Mini-Games None
Room ID Unknown
Tour Description
Welcome to the Community Center! Here, the ninjas of the elements... all built a building dedicated to the way of their element. Pass the amulet on your way... to fire, water and snow, grasshopper.

The Community Center is a room special to BeyondCP. It appears in construction for the first four days of the Public Beta. The buildings within it were built using the powers of the elements. The three buildings all look like the Dojo. They are the Snow Gallery, Water Hotel, and Fire Restaurant. The middle of the amulet teleports the player to the Shadow Dojo. It is built at the base of Mystery Mountain, and has a path leading there.


The Community Center is at the base of Mystery Mountain, and was constructed by Ninjas using the power of the elements. It features a wood walkway that covers all of the snow in the room. A large amulet is in the center of the wooden walkway. The three buildings all look like the exterior of the Dojo. The Snow Ninjas (in spirit of the delicacy of snow) built an Art Gallery. The Water Ninjas (in spirit of the way water comes and goes) built a Hotel. The Fire Ninjas (in spirit of the heat of the kitchen) built a Restaurant. The paths on the left and right lead to the Dojo Courtyard.


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