Dance-a-Thon Party Logo
Where BeyondCP Island
Free Items Unknown
Dates June 30th - July 7th
Party Rooms Disco Island Lobby, Disco Island Club, Disco Island Club Rooftop, Dance Club Rooftop
Mascots Cadence, Puffle Handler, Dot the Disguise Gal, Dubstep Puffle
Cadence throws a music bash on the island, while Puffle Handler and others head to Disco Island and encounter Grey Puffles.

Dance-a-thon is one of the many parties in BeyondCP, occurring in June and running into July.. CadenceDot and PH appeared as mascots for the second time in a row. Cadence partied with penguins on BeyondCP Island, while Puffle Handler conducted the trip to Disco Island to find Grey Puffles, who could light up 7 different colors when happy. Dot was only there for the 2nd week of the party with agents because Herbert P. Bear was planning to destroy the Dance Club once and for all. He was secretly stopped, though. Dubstep Puffle also joined the fun.

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