Where Mystery Mountain
Opened March 1st, 2013
Closed Still open
Mini-Games Card-Jitsu
Room ID Unknown
Tour Description
Greetings, grasshopper... and welcome to the Dojo, place of mystery. Here, Sensei first trained ninjas... in the ancient art of Card-Jitsu. You too can be a ninja, just follow the simple steps...

The Dojo is a room in BeyondCP. Sensei can always be found here, sitting on a green pillow. It is the home of the elements. Card-Jitsu can be played here.

Differences from CPEdit

Final DesignEdit

The Dojo has been given a new graphical style. The elements are inscribed on the wall. The windows are fewer and farther between. The doors are correct with the outside. 

In Beta PhaseEdit

The beta version of the Dojo, which was later scrapped, featured a two story version of the Dojo. There was an amulet on the top floor, and a ladder leading up to it. You could see parts of the sky in the background. This version has actually been featured in the official Club Penguin Magazine.


Graphical DesignsEdit

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