EPF Field Ops Icon
Where BeyondCP Island
Free Items Coins
Dates Every week
Party Rooms Various
Mascots EPF Agents
EPF Agents train and perform mini-missions to receive coins

Field-Ops are weekly mini-missions for EPF Agents. Some appear as training missions, while others are actual mini-missions. All orders are given from Gary.

Field-Ops ComputerEdit

Field-Ops are mainly recieved from the field-ops computer located in the EPF Recon HQ. The field ops computer looks very similar to the System Defender computer, but are not the same. The field-ops computer controls the field-ops mainframe.

Field-Ops MobileEdit

Different from its Club Penguin counterpart, BeyondCP's field-ops has a mobile version, called Field-Ops Mobile. It provides the agent with a refresher on the field op, and can be accessed at anytime at the top right corner of the users screen in place of the Moderator Badge.