16px Information
Full Name Herbert P. Bear, Esquire
Species Polar Bear
Meetable? Yes
Appearances Opening
Items Worn Herbert's Eyebrows
Friends Klutzy
Most Recent Giveaway Herbert's Opening Giveaway

Herbert Percival Bear Esquire is a villain mascot in BeyondCP. He is the main antagonist in the Elite Penguin Force storyline, and in Operation: Break-In. He is a large polar bear. His best friends and sidekick is Klutzy the Crab. He was planning on constructing a giant water balloon during the Water Party, to flood BeyondCP Island, which lead Dot the Disguise Gal to investigate by disguising in a Purple Bikini at the Water Party.

Herbert is known to be evil and sinister, and has great plans, but the Elite Penguin Force usually finds a way to thwart him and stop his plots. Even with the EPF stopping him every time, he hasn't given up... yet. He makes random appearances as a mascot in BeyondCP. Penguins are advised to throw snowballs at him if he is spotted.




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