Date Event Significance
August 22nd, 2005 Club Penguin Beta Test begins Club Penguin moves closer to opening, and glitches are removed as they are found.
October 24th, 2005 Club Penguin opens The game opens to non-beta players. The island has 11 rooms and five games.
October 27th, 2005 Halloween Party 2005 occurs The first party of Club Penguin's official launch begins.
October 28th, 2005 Penguin Chat 3 closes The predecessor of Club Penguin permanently closes, and it's players migrate to Club Penguin.
November 3rd, 2005 Sport Shop opens The Sport Shop opens and becomes the first new room to be added to the island after the beta.
November 21st, 2005 Puffles Discovered Puffles are discovered on the island, and are believed to exist exclusively in four colors: blue, pink, black, and green. They are not yet given a name.
November 22nd, 2005 Igloo Upgrades Released Igloo upgrades are made available, allowing users to change their igloos for the first time.
December 5th, 2005 Server Testing 2005 begins The first server testing event begins, to test the server system that would eventually be the basis of all Club Penguin servers. Free items are given away as thanks for finding bugs.
December 7th, 2005 Name "Puffle" Revealed The official blog reveals that the name "Puffle" had one in the contest by users.
December 15th, 2005 Puffle Round-Up is released Puffle Round-Up is released at the Snow Forts to "round-up" the mysterious new puffles for adoption.
December 22nd, 2005-December 25th, 2005 Christmas Party 2005 The first Christmas (later Holiday) party on Club Penguin. It is the first party to last for more than a day, as well as the first party with free items.
January 27th, 2006-January 29th, 2006 Winter Luau The only Winter Luau occurs as the first event in 2006.
February 2nd, 2006 Valentine's Day Igloo Contest The first igloo contest is held. No prize is given.
February 14th, 2006 Valentine's Day Celebration 2006 The only Valentine's Day party is held exclusively in the Dance Club.
February 24th, 2006 Plaza Opens The Plaza opens exclusively for members.
March 2nd, 2006 New login system The login system is updated to reflect the new servers that had been tested during Server Testing 2005.
March 2nd, 2006 New emotes New emotes were added to the game. Keyboard shortcuts were added for some emotes.
March 10th, 2006 Ice Fishing opens Ice Fishing opens as a new game in the Ski Lodge.
March 17th, 2006 Pet Shop opens The Pet Shop opens in the Plaza, and the four original puffles become adoptable for the first time. Puffle Round-Up is moved to inside the Pet Shop.
March 17th, 2006 First pin released The Shamrock Pin is released as the first pin. Pins begin being released consecutively once every two weeks.
March 21st, 2006 St. Patrick's Day Party The first St. Patrick's Day party occurs on the island.
March 29th, 2006 Secret agent feature released The Penguin Secret Agency is revealed to the public and begins hiring new agents via the moderator badge in the top right corner of the screen.
March 31st, 2006-April 1st, 2006 April Fools' Day Party The first April Fools' Day Party occurs on the island.
April 14th, 2006 Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt The first scavenger hunt occurs on the island, this time looking for Easter Eggs.
April 27th, 2006 Find Four is released Find Four is released as the island's third multi-player game. The Ski Lodge becomes the first room to have two games/
April 28th, 2006 Attic opens The Attic opens as a place for people to play find four when the other tables are full.
May 4th, 2006 Playercard backgrounds released Playercard backgrounds become available to all players for 60 coins in the Penguin Style catalog.
May 19th, 2006 Postcards released Players are able to send postcards to friends for the first time.
May 19th, 2006 Igloo Music released Members gain the ability to select from a variety of tracks for the music in their igloos.
May 26th, 2006 Mine Opening Party The Mine, Underground Pool, and Mine Shack open at the same time. At the time, all three are secret rooms.
June 6th, 2006 Cart Surfer released Cart Surfer is released. It becomes the first game to allow you to bring your puffle.
June 16th, 2006 Summer Party The first Summer Party occurs on the island just in time for the Summer Solstice.
June 16th, 2006 Beach Opening The Beach opens for the first time. The lighthouse only appears as a background object, and is not enterable for a few months.
June 30th, 2006 Purple Puffle sightings Purple Puffles are added to the game Puffle Round-Up. They have a 15% chance of appearing in any given game.
June 30th, 2006 First PSA Mission Released PSA Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles is released as the first secret mission available. A purple puffle appears on Tallest Mountain.
July 7th, 2006-July 15th, 2006 Western Party 2006 The first Western Party occurs on the island, and is the most decorated party until that point.
July 21st, 2006 Penguin Band Instrument Hunt The Penguin Band's instruments get lost. A scavenger hunt is started to find them. A very rare background is given as a reward.
August 11th, 2006-August 21st, 2006 Sports Day 2006 The first ever Sports Day occurs on the island.
August 22nd, 2006 Purple Puffles become adoptable Members become able to adopt purple puffles, which is the first introduction of a new puffle after the original four.
September 15th, 2006-September 22nd, 2006 Lightbulb Hunt A scavenger hunt is held to find the large lightbulb that will go on the Beacon.
September 22nd, 2006-September 24th, 2006 Lighthouse Party The Lighthouse opens at the Beach, along with the Beacon. Jet Pack Adventure is absent from the Beacon.
October 17th, 2006 Rockhopper's First Visit Rockhopper visits Club Penguin Island for the first time ever, becoming the island's first official mascot.
October 24th, 2006 1st Anniversary Party The first of a series of annual anniversary parties occurs on the island, commemorating the island's public opening.
October 27th, 2006-November 1st, 2006 Halloween Party 2006 The second Halloween Party occurs on the island with minimal decorations, and the first Halloween with a darkened sky.
November 24th, 2006-November 27th, 2006 Lime Green Party A small party is held at the Dojo to commemorate the release of a new color, Lime Green. It is the only color release party in the island's history, and the only time that the Dojo is the only room decorated.
December 22nd, 2006-January 2nd, 2007 Christmas Party 2006 The second Christmas Party occurs on the island. It is the first party to extend through the new year.
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