Lost City of Penglantis
Where Underwater
Opened July 2013
Closed Still open
Mini-Games None
Room ID Unknown
Tour Description

The Lost City of Penglantis, or just Penglantis, is a party room exclusive to the Water Party. It is an underwater city off the coast of BeyondCP Island. Puffle Handler went there with a group of divers in search of Crab Puffles. The city is also inhabited with fish and mermaids, in which you can transform into using the Horn of Transformation. Cadence and Rory built the Swim Shop with the special stone from here. It was the only room for the Water Party to not be permanent. Dolphin statues are located here to worship the king and queen of Penglantis. A submarine takes you here from the Beach.


  • In Club Penguin's new game, Club Penguin Island this became an actual myth. You need to find the lost treasure of Penglantis in Rockhopper's quests.
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