Parties are island-wide events that happen every month or so on BeyondCP, usually in celebration of something. Parties notably change the appearance of BeyondCP, such as a buildings exterior and interior being changed with decorations and different Music. Some parties may not even parties, but awkward happenings on the island, such as Operation: Break-in or Battle for Chima. Any event that changes the appearance of BeyondCP to alter is considered a party, no matter what the purpose or cause. Parties can also lead to new discoveries, like new rooms or puffles.

Party/event Time Notes Characters Locations and the Special/Added Party Rooms
Puffle PartyMarch 24 -March 31The first party of Beyond CP. All players could become puffles.PH, Cadence (with Lolz), Rockhopper (with Yarr), DubstepClub Penguin Island
City PartyApril 7 - April 14Also known as Police vs. Robbers PartyGaryClub Penguin Island
Operation: Break-inApril 14th - April 21stThis was the first EPF operation of Beyond CP. All EPF Mascots appear.Rookie, Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Aunt Arctic (as the Director), GaryHerbert's Mountain Base
Adventure Party: Journey to Rockhopper IslandApril 21 - April 28thRockhopper's Island appears.RockhopperClub Penguin Island, Rockhopper Island
Candy CelebrationMay 12th - May 19thRookie started the party by leaving open the box to the Candy Dimension.RookieClub Penguin Island
Water PartyJune 9th - June 16thThis party is the first in a series of element related parties. Responsible for the Elemental Balance Controversy. Cadence opens the Swimming Pool and Swim Shop for fun in the sun. The island is a summer paradise.Cadence, Puffle Handler, Dot the Disguise Gal Club Penguin Island, Swimming Pool, Swim Shop, Lost City of Penglantis
Dance-a-thonJune 30th - July 7thSecond party in a row organized by Cadence. Grey puffle discovered.Cadence, Puffle HandlerClub Penguin Island, Disco Island
Mining ExpeditionJuly 28th - August 4thTwo new underground rooms appear first hereGary Club Penguin Island
Mystery PartyAugust 11th - August 18thThe island is decorated like an old mystery showAunt Arctic, Dot Club Penguin Island
Fire PartySeptember 1st - September 8thSecond part of the Elemental Balance Controversy. First un-EPF related appearance of Jet Pack GuyJet Pack Guy, SenseiClub Penguin Island
Halloween PartyOctober 20th - November 3rdPart of the Elemental Balance Controversy, though indirectly. Haunted Mansion does not return, although Gariwald VIII does.Gary, Gariwald VIIIClub Penguin Island
Festival of FlightNovember 3rd - November 10thAlso indirectly part of the Elemental Balance ControversyGary, Jet Pack Guy Club Penguin Island
Celebration of SnowNovember 10th - November 17thFinal part of the Elemental Balance ControversySenseiClub Penguin Island
Holiday PartyDecember 15th - December 29thHerbert is seen around the island.Rockhopper, Aunt ArcticClub Penguin Island, Arctic Circle

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