Puffle Party
250px-Puffle Party 2013 Logo
Where BeyondCP Island
Free Items PH's Puffle Giveaway, Meet Lolz Background, Yarr Harr Harr Background, Herbert and the Rainbow Puffles Background
Dates March 24, 2013 - March 31, 2013
Party Rooms Unknown
Mascots Cadence, Puffle Handler, Rockhopper
Puffle Handler hosts a puffle celebration.

Puffle Party is an party on BeyondCP, occuring in March 2013. It is the first ever party on BeyondCP. Puffle Handler, Cadence, and Rockhopper are the mascots. The main purpose of the party is to celebrate puffles.

Free ItemsEdit

4Oz8cza PH's Puffle Giveaway By meeting Puffle Handler


RedCove, Ice Rink (Split with Blue), Lodge, AtticIsland Adventure Party 2010
OrangeBox Dimension, Pizza Parlor, Ninja RestaurantBox Dimension
YellowStage, Ninja Gallery, Clothes ShopThe Stage
GreenLighthouse, Beacon, ForestPuffle Parties
BlueCoffee Shop, Book Room, Sport ShopPuffle Parties
PurpleDance Club, Dance Lounge, Dance Club BasementPuffle Parties
BlackCave, Mine, CavemineTeam Blue vs. Team Red
WhiteDojo Courtyard, Dojo, Ninja HideoutPuffle Parties
PinkHotel Lobby, Hotel Room, Hidden LakePenguin Games
BrownRecyling Center, Music Shop, MountainPuffle Parties


Sneak PeaksEdit


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