Ski Lodge
Where Ski Village
Opened March 1st, 2013
Closed Still open
Mini-Games Find Four, Ice Fishing
Room ID Unknown
Tour Description
Welcome to the Ski Lodge Resort! Have a fun game of Find Four, relax at the fire with some hot chocolate from the booth and a newspaper or head out for a spot of fishing!

The Ski Lodge is a room in BeyondCP, though vastly different in both design and purpose from that of Club Penguin. The building has been largely expanded, and is the only building to be brought from regular Club Penguin to BeyondCP.

Differences from CPEdit

The Ski Lodge now has two semi-floors, similar to the Music Center. A newspaper stand appears in the bottom right, adjacent from a coffee booth. A couch is now next to the fireplace. The building is modeled off of a Ski Resort feel, with cozt and welcoming features. The Attic is also now more prominent, and is not just a storage room.


Graphical DesignsEdit

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