Ski Village
Where Near the Beach, Swimming Pool and Dock
Opened  ?
Closed Still open
Mini-Games None
Room ID Unknown
Tour Description
Welcome to the Ski Village! At the foot of the Ski Hill find the Tour Guide Booth, or relax in the Ski Lodge! Get sporting equipment in the Sport Shop, or mix some tunes in the Music Center.

The Ski Village is an outdoor room in BeyondCP. You can access the Dock, Beach, Ski Hill, Music Center and Sport Shop here. You can also be a Tour Guide here. In the future, the Swimming Pool will be accessed from here.

Differences from CPEdit

In contrast from the Phoning Facility on regular Club Penguin, BeyondCP features the Sport Shop in it's place. It also features a small wooden walkway, next to the Music Center, with a path to the Swimming Pool starting in July 2013. The Music Center was being constructed for the first four days of the public beta. The Tour Guide is instead next to the pathway to the Beach.


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