Swim Shop
Where Swimming Pool
Opened July 2013
Closed Still open
Mini-Games None
Room ID Unknown
Tour Description
Welcome to the Swim Shop. We sell any type of swimsuit you could possibly want to wear at the Swimming Pool, Beach or Cove. Need swimtrunks? Check. Longing for a one-piece? Sure! Lost your bikini by jumping off the high dive and humiliated yourself? We've got extras, in every size, color, and pattern. So come on down!

The Swim Shop is a room in BeyondCP. It will open permanently from the Water Party onwards, with the exception of the Fire Party, where it and the Swimming Pool (in which it is located) were closed as to not affect the Elemental Balance Controversy. Upon entering, there are two checkouts, one for swimming equipment, such as snorkels and goggles, the other for swimsuits, such as swim trunks, one-pieces, and bikinis. Some surfboards are around the room. The building is made of pure stone from the Lost City of Penglantis. An artificial river with inner tubes in it is in the shop, leading to some lockers, where citizens can keep their clothes in until they are done swimming and go to change out of their swimsuits in the Changing Stall outside. 


  • Cadence owns the shop, and Rory and her built it.
  • They shared a checkout each. Rory gets the swimming/diving gear checkout, and Cadence gets the swimwear checkout.
  • During the Fire Party 2013, it was closed so it wouldn't unbalance the elements again.