Swimming Pool
Water2013Party1 (1)
Where Near the Ski Village
Opened July 2013
Closed Still open
Mini-Games None
Room ID Unknown
Tour Description
This is the Swimming Pool! This is the best vacation spot on the island. Jump off the high dive and make a splash, or buy some swimsuits at the Swim Shop. I even hear Cadence makes some appearances here from time to time... so come on in, the water's fine!

The Swimming Pool is a room in BeyondCP. It can be accessed from the pathway to the north of the Ski Village. It opened for the first time at the Water Party, due to penguins wanting a bit of paradise on the island. It is a great place for penguins to beat the summer heat, swim, suntan, lounge, or buy bathing suits such as swim trunks, bikinis, one-pieces, and snorkel gear at the Swim Shop.

The main part of the room is the large pool with the high dive. Poolside is a beach umbrella with a lounging chair and beach towel for sunbathing, and a lifegaurd chair. There is also a Changing Stall for penguins to change out of their bathing suits and back into their clothes. There are two public showers for penguins to wash the chlorine out of their suits and clean themselves. There is also a hot tub/jacuzzi for penguins to lounge in, with a sauna feature, and the Swim Shop building. This is Cadence's favorite room next to the Dance Club, as she loves going here, suntanning and swimming with her fans. She will even occasionally host private concerts here on the weekends. This may be because of the fact that she owns the Swimming Pool.

The Swimming Pool is open 24/7 and is the perfect place to spend summer days or throw a pool party. It is normally not decorated for parties so penguins who swim there are not disturbed by the decorations.


  • This is a popular place to find Cadence at the parties she visits, especially at the Water Party.
  • During the Fire Party 2013, it was closed so it wouldn't unbalance the elements again.
  • It was originally going to appear accessible from the Forest, but was moved to be north of the Ski Village.